Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A recent assault on a journalist from Jaffna, yet another example of lawlessness in the North.

NfR views the recent incident of assault on journalist S.Kavitharan of  Uthayan newspaper in Jaffna as another example of  the absence of law and order in that part of the country. What is prevailing in the Jaffna Peninsula is the rule of the jungle instead of rule of law.
Even though Jaffna remains as one of the most militarized cities in the war affected North and East, the law enforcement authorities have not been able to stem the prevailing  wave of crimes against civilian population.

Journalist S. Kavitharan was attacked by a gang on 28th May 2011 in Jaffna while he was on his way to Uthayan newspaper office. Following the attack he  was admitted to the Jaffna Teaching hospital for treatment and later discharged. According to  media reports  journalist S. Kavitharan  has reported on the presence of  armed gangs in Jaffna in recent times and he was threatened by an  associate of the pro-government para military political party in Jaffna.

Condemning the  assault on journalist S. Kavitharan , the  Net Working for Rights urges  Jaffna Police to conduct an impartial and speedy investigation into the incident and bring the culprits to book.

It needs to be noted that none of the attacks on  media personnel that had taken place in Jaffna during the  last few years had been investigated  adequately  to  get at the culprits and punish them.   This shows the World  that the security situation in Jaffna is one where those in power rule and  is not  a place where there is  the  rule of law.

Issued by
Steering Committee, NfR Sri Lanka

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