Monday, May 30, 2011

Lanka accuses Pillai

News Nowlk- Sri Lanka has accused the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navanethem Pillay of having ignored the relevant rules of procedure of the UN Human Rights Council by attempting to legitimize the report of the UN Secretary General’s Panel of Experts on accountability in Sri Lanka. The External Affairs Ministry, in a statement this evening, quoted Kshenuka Seneviratne, Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the UN in Geneva, as telling the UN Human Rights Council today that Sri Lanka is perplexed to note that the High Commissioner has thought fit to refer to the panel report in her report to the 17th Session of the.

Seneviratne said that the High Commissioner has resorted to drawing on recommendations culminating from a report of a non intergovernmental process, which also has no official status in the UN system, The External Affairs Ministry said.

“The High Commissioner continues with a seeming preoccupation of calling for the establishment of an international monitoring mechanism, which also has been recommended in the report based on unverified information, and if adhered to will call into question, the professionalism and independence of the Council,” the External Affairs Ministry quoted Seneviratne as saying.
Sri Lanka also says the High Commissioner has prejudged the ability of the domestic mechanism even before it has concluded by pledging her full support to an international mechanism being established to monitor national investigations.

“The bona fides of her position in this regard comes into question, as the accepted practice is to provide the domestic processes adequate time and exhaust all available domestic recourse, prior to resorting to any international mechanism.  This basic requirement of the need to give the domestic mechanism space, time and opportunity should be known by the High Commissioner, unless she wishes to ignore it for a reason of her own choice,” Seneviratne told the Council today.

Sri Lanka has warned that the continued demonstrable lack of objectivity and impropriety on the part of the High Commissioner does not augur well on the work of her office in constructive engagement with the Government of Sri Lanka. (News

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