Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ruhunu University students attacked by the Nil Balakaya(Blue Battalion)

9 hospitalised; 2 in serious condition
Lanka-e-News -16.Jan.2011, 0.30AM) A group of Ruhunu University students of the management and finance faculty were attacked when they were at the main entrance gate of the University by thugs and goons belonging to the Nil Balakaya. Swords, iron rods , glass bottles, and Bicycle chains have been used to launch this attack. According to reports reaching Lanka e news , 9 of the victims have been admitted to the Matara Gen. Hospital , and two of them are in a critical condition.

A few days before this incident , a management faculty student had been assaulted by a group of the same faculty. The victim of the assault had lodged a complaint with the Matara police. The police had told the complainant to show the assailants when at the University main gate . The complainant had agreed to appear at the main gate . But yesterday (14) instead of the police who were to arrive at the main gate to be shown the assailants, it was the Nil balakaya gang of goons who had appeared at the main gate , reports say.

The victims of this Nil Balakaya attack are members of the main students union , it is learnt.

There had existed a dispute between the main students union and the independent students union . This brutal attack had been made with the assistance of the independent students union , reports say.

Answering our inquiries , a member of the independent students union said the leaders of the main students union are compelling them who are not connected to any union to engage in the Till campaign and protest demonstrations . The President of the main students union Duminda Tharaka however rejected this allegation of the independent students union member ,and explained that this is the student group which had left their union and joined with the Govt. to launch attacks on them.

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